Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kill Your TV - Episode 1 - Drawn Together

This house should have been erased...

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  1. It's me, Ryldril. :P

    You are completely, 100% right about this show, of course. Cheap show is cheap. I didn't really mind the cheapness while watching it, because I knew to leave my mind in the door, laughing at the inane jokes that caught my attention, and not expect actual thought or creativity. IOW, there was nothing else on.

    I do remember that finale (one of maybe half a dozen episodes I watched) and both my boyfriend and I actually walked away to do things during the over a minute blinking thing. I laughed cause...well we did watch it for a good time before we got up. And if you're sitting there watching it for the entire time...and laugh...you're laughing cause they actually made you sit there for over a minute and watch nothing.

    Mostly I just ignored what you've pointed out. Probably would again if I had to watch it. Which I won't have to watch it. We got Venture Brothers...and hopefully soon we'll have Titan Maximum (hint hint).

    Nice show. I will be watching for more!